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Babe & Butcher is quickly becoming a household name for the food and beverage scene across Charlotte, NC. Below are just a few of our accolades and mentions in the press.

Author: Michelle Boudin | Read the full article on wcnc.com.

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Eater Carolinas

Charlotte Magazine:
Best of the Best 2020

Lindsay Anvik and Rob Henricks have capitalized on the charcuterie craze with boards that look more like edible works of art. Order breakfast boards with mini-croissants and mini-scones, dessert boards with meringues and chocolates, or 30-foot grazing tables for a holiday party. Everything is carefully sourced (locally and internationally) and even more carefully crafted into a gorgeous custom design.

Charlotte Magazine:
Charcuterie Cones

We’ve enlisted the help of Lindsay Anvik, co-owner of Babe & Butcher (301 Camp Road, Ste. 102, 980-216-4723), who specializes in grazing tables and charcuterie boards heaped with individually wrapped nibbles. She’s showing us how to serve mini versions of old favorites in cones and cups and on skewers so you can safely celebrate and feast. Find additional tips from her throughout, as well as holiday wine pairings and the best take-and-bake meals in Charlotte.

QC Exclusive:
Season's Greetings

When it comes to preparation for holiday parties, we couldn’t think of anyone better to ask advice of than foodie and hosting expert Lindsay Anvik, of Charlotte’s Babe & Butcher board catering company.

One of Lindsay’s strong suits is an ability to combine artful, beautiful arrangements with delicious culinary flavors. From grazing tables to charcuterie, crudité, fruit and dessert boards, Lindsay knows how wow at a party better than nearly anyone.

"Babe & Butcher Is a Go-To for Charcuterie Boards in Charlotte"

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