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Babe & Butcher is a build your own charcuterie company. We are a fan-favorite and the go-to shop for charcuterie boards, boxes and grazing tables. Customers love to come into our shop and make their own charcuterie. Our store allows you to create a completely customized charcuterie box or board.

the Babe

The Babe (Lindsay Anvik) started her career in music and film in New York City. Lindsay worked for major recording artists and record breaking films. She transitioned into the digital space, working in marketing and PR which led her to leave corporate life at 30 and start her own consulting company. She spent the next 7 years traveling the world and speaking to companies of all sizes (Fortune 500 to mom and pop shops) about how to grow. She loves using her creativity to come up with new designs for charcuterie boards and develop new product lines.

Her favorite charcuterie board is the Flora board, her favorite basket is the Here Comes the Sun basket.

the Butcher

Starting at 15, Robert’s first job was in food, and as they say the rest is history.

He started out bussing tables, and by 26 was the GM of a full service multi-million dollar restaurant in Phillidelphia. Robert has worked in various segments of food from fast casual, to fine dining.

Babe & Butcher is the culmination of decades of experience, and a passion for delicious food that brings people together.

Author: Michelle Boudin | Read the full article on wcnc.com.