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2 Boards Easter Bunny and Easter Egg Board


This is for TWO boards. The Easter bunny charcuterie and sweets board AND the Easter Egg dessert Board.

The Easter Bunny board includes our homemade herb & garlic cheese, prosciutto, manchego, herb and garlic cheese, veggies, carrot meringues, egg macarons and Easter candy. This all comes on a bunny shaped cutting board you get to keep. 

It's an Easter Egg Dessert Board! Complete with an edible nest, homemade macarons, homemade carrot meringues, jelly beans, peeps, chocolate crack, peeps and other Easter candy. It all comes on our custom cutting board in the shape of an Easter Egg. 

Please note due to supply chain issues, we may have to substitute certain items if we can't get them. We will do our best to make the substitutions as close to the original item(s) as possible. 

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All of our cheeses, meats, and produce are seasonal and sourced week to week. All are subject to availability and substitutions. All boards are designed based on appetizer portions. If you are looking for these to be a full meal we recommend ordering one size up.